Why you should be wary of hard-rubbish rugs

February 7, 2010

Look, I’m not intimidated by the soupy filth that came out of this rug I hauled in off the street when I washed it. But I’m a old hand at this hard-rubbish thing. For me, this is manageable. But some of you might not be prepared for this and find it a little … confrontational. Which is why I post this picture. A sort of community service announcement.To leave all the hard rubbish for ME, ALL OF IT FOR MEEEEE.

The rug came up a treat after a jolly good scrub, rinse and dry. Squid finds its nubbly texture just perfect for rolling around on with feet in the air, making wookie noises.



  1. I think rugs would be too much for me. Mostly because I’d be trying to figure out WHY someone threw it out in the first place. I am… not trusting. And there’s never any good hard rubbish around here anyway. Bah!

  2. Let’s have a look at the clean and nubbly version – and my Squid too of course.

  3. […] Another reason why you should be wary of hard rubbish rugs May 20, 2010 Remember Lesson One, people? About the […]

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