Oz Day

January 27, 2010

So, what did youse all do on Oz Day?

For me, in this order:  BBQ, Aussie films, beach and wattle trees. Please explain?

1. BBQ and 2. Aussie films: Net hosted a film festival in her shed with technical, creative and moral support from Vetti and her mister. The selected films were BMX Bandits starring our Nic back when she looked human and could form facial expressions (“You’re in the poo now, girlie”) and Puberty Blues which probably remains, to this day, an accurate portrayal of Cronulla life (“Dead set!”).

3. Beach: We were dog-sitting the lovely Peanut who enjoys a bit of running (and running, and running, and running) on the sand, so we headed south. ‘Twas a veritable Life: Be In It ad down there at St Kilda… people picnicking, kiteing, walking, running, frisbeeing, BBQing, cycling… and a surprising lack of the public drunkenness, nationalism and flag-wearing we’ve come to expect from Oz Day. It’s just unAustralian.

4: Trees: I’m growing for revegetation do-gooders Tree Project and spent the evening doing some much-needed transplanting some of my charges into their own pot. What could be Aussier than growing wattle trees? Below: some teeny tiny Acacia dealbata. I love the idea that some day there will be a little patch of forest comprised of these little trees.



  1. hi livebird! Net’s Shedfest 2010 was a bloody bewty, loving the idea of you growing potential wattle forests in the backyard.

  2. Do any pics exist of you in the lovely beer label frock? Wish I’d taken one…

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