Born free, as free as the grass grows…

January 21, 2010

I gave him everything I could. All the flies he could eat. Adoration and praise. A jaunty Spanish name. A nice humid container where he could moult without fear of drying too quickly and thusly ending up hideously deformed. But there was one thing I couldn’t give him – that special someone with whom he could raise a family (and perhaps have his head eaten in the process) and so, last night, Manuel was released on the peach tree. May he find himself a nice gal and make many more mantids.

We went to see Daniel Kitson’s show, 66a Church Road – A Lament Made of Memories and Kept in Suitcases this week and loved it. That man knows how to spin a yarn. Said Curmudgeon of the tale of the bacon and avocado sandwich, “That’ the sort of bloody-minded thing I’d do.” Other highlights include spookiness, tiny models of his flat (which the audience is allowed to inspect once the show is done), and a being left with a happy thoughtfulness as you ponder all the places you’ve lived in, which ones you left your mark on, and which ones left an indelible mark upon you. It’s on til the 31st Jan… get thee a ticket. It’s funny and wonderful.

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