All grown up

January 15, 2010


Male praying mantis

Manuel the Mantid went through his final moult yesterday and is now sporting a magnificent pair of wings. It’s like he just got a shiny V8 ute and is ready to go cruising for chicks.

Please, someone, find him a ladyfriend! The search continues.



  1. He is the perfect shade of green.

    As an aside, SOMEONE forgot to update their feed subscription. SOMEONE is feeling quite the idiot. On the upside, ALL THIS READING FOR MEEEEE!

  2. Hey …It happens that I have a Lady Mantid, took a while to figure…I am thinking (Pseudomantis albofimbriata). Anyways Im no expert.
    Here is a picture of her Doing what she does best..

  3. Sorry…Melissa’s John, In case you were wondering!

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