There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza

January 12, 2010

The Sunday magazine featured a most foolish device a few weeks back. It was a clear plastic cover for stiletto heels so you could increase the area over which your weight was distributed and thus tread comfortably across sand, grass, floorboards, and other surfaces otherwise perilous to those in stilettos. It annoyed me because the obvious solution, of course, is to stop wearing such stupid shoes that cripple and maim.

In a similar vein, some might argue that the best way to prevent besmirchment of your bedding by troublesome muddy footprints is to forbid your troublesome muddy dog from getting up on the bed. Not so. The best way is to create a cheerful, washable bedspread. Thusly I have explained the project what I mentioned last time.

Action shot:

If you want to know about the fabrics I used, check out this flickr pic with extreme note density.



  1. just lovely! what splendid fabrics you have!

  2. that’s gorgeoous!

  3. a) I HAVE THOSE SHOE THINGS. I bought them for my wedding on the beach. Never wore them. Don’t know where they are.

    b) I have a white duvet cover and two cats who can sleep on the bed like it’s an Olympic sport. They sleep the HELL out of that bed. Needless to say, it’s full of hair and bits of stick and dirt. Whatever.

    c) SQUID!

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