Somewhere in the middle of the South Island

December 24, 2009

In honour of the fourth anniversary of the arrival of Squid, we made a driftwood version of her on the beach of Lake Wanaka here in NZ. I think I really captured her ‘one leg out’ style of snoozing. In fact, it’s pretty much identical except that the real Squid would be splashing in the water, not sitting on the beach.

NZ is, to quote the Curmudgeon, “perfectly adequate”. We had a splendid bus ride through the middle yesterday to get here. It’s alright, I suppose.

Tree fuschias are OK too, I guess. Apparently the biggest fuschia in the world. They love their superlatives down here. Also: Edmonds baking powder, slices, pebblecrete and hairdressers.

In a small town called Gore (It’s next to Clinton. Really. It is.) we spotted an elephant money box in the window of a bank. The Curmudgeon has a prediliction for elephants, so we dared each other to go in and ask for one. He did.

“Um, we’re wondering about the yellow elephant? And if you have to have an account here to get one?”

“You can have a Keshun*. Let me get him for you.”

Then another woman in the bank piped up, “Now you should go down the road and git a pug# from Bay In Zid**, too!”

So we did.

*quaint NZ pronunciation of ‘Kashin’
#quaint NZ pronunciation of ‘pig’
** quaint NZ pronunciation of ‘BNZ’


  1. That dog is beached as.

    Happy Festivus to the both of you.

  2. ahh noo zulland…I’ve only visited once, but it’s quirky ways are calling me back. Hope your hexmas avoidance holiday was fun?

  3. Aw, Gore. Did you roll your R’s? GORRRRRE! Best if you channel Father Jack. ARRRSE! GIRRRRLS! FECK!

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