Because five bikes isn’t enough

December 14, 2009

We went to Ma’s country estate on the weekend and had a smashing time with the whole famdamily. The four-layer sponge cake interleaved with cream and lemon curd was a particular highlight. So too was the ritual visit to the tip shop which uncovered this lovely thing:

Viceroy vintage bicycle

I guess it’s from the 1950s or 60s – I don’t know much about old bikes so I’m just going on the splendid graphics:Detail of graphics on vintage Viceroy bicycle

A very cursory search turned up a vintage bike forum suggesting that Viceroys were made in Italy and rebadged by a UK firm. Anyway, I’ve named this one Cyril. He just needs a little tinkering and he’s ready to roll to a summer beer garden rendezvous. Because, of course, not one of my either five bicycles are quite up to the task.



  1. Cyril is very handsome! Second pic is especially lovely…

  2. dude ur bike is crazy love to talk to ya but l guessin you in uk l in southern nsw in Australia . anyways you pretty right bout ur bike was built in Italy from 19 48 until 1963 l have 1 the same got it for free was goin into a skip bin as junk l George l be building and collecting bikes for bout 45 years now at 58yo l still byein shit .gotta love hobbies lol please reply would love to no whats happened to ya tis ad near 4mth old do you still have it .hope so these old gems need people like you and me to love and protect them

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