Lonely (multi-chambered, haemolymph-pumping) hearts club

December 10, 2009

This is Manuel.

Manuel the mantidHe’s a praying mantis.

He moulted for the fourth time last night. Little Manuel is growing up. And soon he’ll moult again, and again, until he’s gloriously jade green, winged and magnificent. And horny – very, very horny. See, Manuel will need a ladyfriend to woo.

I’m putting out a plea for Melbourne readers that if you see a mantid in your garden, gently catch it and drop me a line. Manuel’s reproductive success depends on it. The way you can tell it’s a female is by counting the abdominal segments. Males have 7 or 8 segments, females have 5-6 (and are generally much larger, plumper and stupendous.)



  1. But shouldn’t you add a little more about his likes and dislikes? And surely Manuel requires a picture first, to see if his potential lady friend is, um, stupendous enough.

    Farewell, old blog! Which always tried to reload on me, reloading many times a minute and leaving me in a constant state of expectation. Much like Manuel, I imagine.

    • Manuel enjoys Drosophila melanogaster, hanging upside down, swaying from side to side and the vocal stylings of Dinah Washington. Seeks full-bodied female with similar interests. Must want kids.

  2. […] Please, someone, find him a ladyfriend! The search continues. […]

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