December 8, 2009
7 December 2009 Corner Brunswick St & Victoria Parade, Fitzroy.

Demolition site from the front

 I knew it was coming, but I sort of forgot. I walked past the corner of Brunswick St and Victoria Parade yesterday afternoon and was bereft at the sudden absence of the shabby pink Art Deco warehouse that has stood there for as long as I can remember.

It was built as a cable car engine house. I remember it as a bicycle shop. In recent, unoccupied years it became charmingly decrepit, finding a new life as a gallery for paste-up art and even the backdrop for a film clip.

But now? Car park? More steel and glass? When will we learn to love our Art Deco? When it’s all gone?

Back of demolition site.



  1. Thanks for the link! I’m curious if they’re going to keep the front facade.

  2. Hope so.

  3. Ivanhoe Town Hall will persist I think. Along with Clifton Hill maccas. There’ll always be some Art Deco.

    Incidentally are you going near Napier at all?

    And happy birthday.

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